Ignition APG naples chiropractor

Ignition APG is an elite strength and conditioning program founded by head coach Cliff Marshall.Ignition develops and refines athletes at the top tier levels in the pros and college.Currently their target market athletes are NFL and NCAA football players, though they also work with players from the NBA, FIBA, MLS and MLB.Despite Ignition’s training centers being located in Cincinnati and Atlanta they have off site camps in Naples, FL.During the winter months they host their NFL combine camp in North Naples.This class of athletes are potential draft picks for the spring NFL draft.During the summer Naples is the site of their NFL pro camp to help prepare players from the upcoming NFL season.

Total Health of Naples is the official chiropractic and physiotherapy center for Ignition APG in South West Florida.With Dr. Paralovos’ extensive background in athletics and ability to treat athletes as a sports chiropractor allows for an optimal partnership for both parties.